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Sasha Roiz Biography
Sasha Roiz, Bio, Age, Career, Wife, Grimm, Net Worth

Facts of Sasha Roiz

Date of Birth: 1973, October, 21
Birth Name Sasha Roiz
AKA Sasha
Gender Male
Birth Nation Israel

Sasha Roiz is currently living a single life and is also not involved in any relationships at the moment. As of now, he is more dedicated to building his career rather than dating anyone and is also not looking for commitments.

However, previously, he has been involved in one relationship. He dated British model and TV presenter Asha Leo from 2012 to 2013. Their relationship only lasted for a brief time. After their break up, Asha went on to date two other guys which also led to separation. Currently, both of them are living a single life.

Who is Sasha Roiz wife ?

Married date: 1900 ( Married Status: Single)

Sasha Roiz Relationship timeline ?

  1. Asha Leo

    View Detail bio about Asha Leo

Sasha Roiz is an Israeli-Canadian actor. He is best known for his role in the sci-fi TV series Caprica.

Sasha Riz’s Early Life and Education

He was born on 21st October 1973, in Tel Aviv, Israel. Regarding his parents, there is currently no information about them as well as his siblings.

He moved to Canada at the age of seven. His parents were Russian Jews. He belongs to Ashkenazi Jewish ethnic heritage and his star sign is Libra.

Similarly, he studies history prior to joining acting. He graduated from the Guildford School of Acting in Guildford, Surrey.

Sasha Roiz’s Professional Life

After his graduation, he started his acting career by appearing on numerous TV series like CSI: Miami, NCIS, Lie to Me, The Mentalist, and more.

In 2008, she got the role of Sam Adama on the sci-fi series Caprica, a spin-off of Battlestar Galactica, and then became a series regular in 2009.

Sasha Roiz - Into The Land Of "Grimm" Fairy Tales
Sasha Roiz on Grimm, Source:

In 2012, Sasha Roiz appeared as a guest in the second season of the rom-com web series Husbands.

Likewise, he also appeared on a supernatural/fantasy police procedural drama Grimm as a series regular for all of its six seasons.

Sasha Roiz’s Personal Life

Shifting on to the personal life of the actor Sasha Roiz, he is currently living a possibly single life.

However, in the past, he was in a relationship with British model and TV presenter Asha Leo. They dated a few times before splitting up.

After her, he has not openly shared much about his dating life. He keeps his dating life very discreet from the media.

Nonetheless, the handsome actor is very busy with his work and rarely has any time to date anyone at the moment.


Is Sasha Roiz Single?

Yes, Sasha Roiz is a single man. He is not currently involved in any kind of relationship with anyone.

After his separation from Asha, he has remained single. Likewise, the actor also likes to keep his personal life far from the reach of the media.

He does not flash much about his internal matters and has maintained a very discreet life. However, he is also very occupied by his work presently.

He is living a very free and peaceful life on his own and seems very happy with the life he has.

Whom has Sasha Roiz Dated?

So far, Sasha Roiz has only dated one person openly, Asha Leo, a famous model and TV presenter from the U.K.

They started dating in 2012 and just after a year, their relationship started having major complications and issues.

Sasha Roiz Married, Wife, Gay, Height, Body Measurements, Bio » Celebily
Sasha Roiz and Asha Leo, Source:

The following year, the couple finally decided to separate and move on with their own separate lives.

After their breakup, Asha went on to date baseball player Matt Harvey the following year after their breakup, and then actor Daniel Sharman after him.

After him, she did not date anyone openly and as of now, she is most probably living a single life and is busy with her career.

Sasha on the other hand never said anything about his relationship status and maintained a very low profile life.

However, he might secretly have dated other people but, he never mentioned openly about his dating life publically.

Nonetheless, the actor seems very occupied by his work and does not have much spare time to spend on dating.


Is Sasha Roiz Married?

No, the handsome actor Sasha Roiz is not a married man. He is most presumably living a single life.

Roiz also does not appear ready for tying his knots with anyone. He also does not have a girlfriend at the juncture.

However, when the right time comes, he will surely find a compatible partner for himself and share their vows someday.

Till then, he prefers things as they are now and does not like to change anything about it for the time being.

Suits': Sasha Roiz To Recur In USA Network Drama – Deadline
Sasha Roiz, Source:

Moreover, he also does not seem ready for any kind of commitments and has decided to keep things as they are.

With his gorgeous looks and generous personality, it is not much of a hard task for him to find a suitable partner.


Nonetheless, he has a very decent life.

Sasha Roiz’s Controversies

So far, Sasha Roiz has never been a prime subject of any sort of rumors and controversies. He also does not like these topics and lives miles away from them.

Roiz does not prefer to include himself in unnecessary dramas and chooses to maintain a huge distance from these matters.

Likewise, he has never made any judgemental and political statement anywhere and also maintains a very fair relationship with the media and the public.

He is adored by his fans and also has a healthy relationship with them. He also maintains his personal and professional lives separately and lives a peaceful life away from media hassles.

Sasha Roiz’s Net Worth

The talented and famous actor Sasha Roiz has an estimated net worth of around $1 Million as per various sources.


A huge portion of his revenue mostly comes from his successful career in the cinematic industry.

However, his annual income is yet under moderation but viewing his growing fame and career, it is quite certain to be in hundreds of thousands every year.

Similarly, with his growing fame and success, it is very sure his net worth in the upcoming future is sure to take a huge rise.

He lives a very lavishing and rich life in his expensive and cozy real estate in Canada. However, he has not revealed anything regarding his properties.

However, being a celebrity, it is quite certain he owns huge properties throughout the country and lives comfortably.


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