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Aubrey O’Day Biography
Aubrey O'Day, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Music, Net Worth

Aubrey O’Day is currently in a relationship with her secret lover. She has not disclosed anything about his identity. In January 2023, she revealed her pregnancy with their child. Prior to her, she dated personalities like Paul DelVacchio, Donald Trump, Jr., Courteney Semel, Evan Ross, and others.

Facts of Aubrey O'Day

Date of Birth: 1984, February, 11
Birth Name Aubrey Morgan O'Day
AKA Aubrey
Gender Female
Profession ,
Birth Nation United States
Father RIchard O'Day
Mother Kandy O'Day

Who is Aubrey O'Day husband ?

Aubrey O'Day Relationship timeline ?

  1. Pauly D

    Aubrey and Pauly were in a relationship for two years. The reason behind their split is unknown.

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  2. Travis Garland

    Aubrey and Travis were in a relationship for about a year.

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  3. Donald Trump, Jr.

    Aubrey and Donald were an item for about seven months.

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  4. Courteney Semel

    Aubrey and Courteney had a fling. They were seen multiple times together.

  5. Eva Ross

    Aubrey and Evan were together for a couple of months.

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Aubrey O’Day is an American singer and TV personality. She is famous as a member of the girl group Danity Kane.

Aubrey O’Day’s Early Life and Education

She was conceived on 11th February 1984, in San Francisco, California, USA. She is the daughter of her father Richard O’Day and her mother Kandy O’Day.

Aubrey grew up as a single child. When she was just four, she was at a performance of The Nutcracker and began to weep. When her mother asked her what happened, she said that she was just sitting and not up on stage.

Aubrey started performing at the age of five and also slept behind the seats of a theatre. She played several lead characters in musical productions and also appeared in Annie.

Her childhood was spent in auditions and acting gigs more than her school. She was heavily influenced by The Notorious B.I.G. and Sean “Puffy” Combs.

O’Day belongs to Irish and English ethnic heritages and has American citizenship. Her zodiac mark is Aquarius.


Likewise, Aubrey graduated from La Quinta High School. Then she attended the University of California, Irvine, and graduated with a degree in political science and drama.

Aubrey O’Day’s Professional Life

Aubrey was discovered in 2004 on the MTV reality series Making the Band 3 and became the show’s breakout star.

Eventually, she became the first member of the girl band Danity Kane and released their debut album on 22nd August 2006 making it No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts.

Following the disagreement with her mentor P. Diddy, she was fired from the group in 2008 but reunited in 2013 before their second disbandment.

Moreover, O’Day has also modeled for numerous magazines like Blender and Playboy and also performed on Broadway in Hairspray.

Aubrey has also appeared in many reality shows like Celebrity Apprentice, Ex on the Beach, Celebrity Big Brother 18, Famously Single, and more.


Aubrey O’Day’s Personal Life

Moving on to her personal life, the famous singer Aubrey O’Day is currently in a relationship with her long-term secret love. She has not yet disclosed her partner’s identity.

They probably have been together for quite a long time and also, in January 2023, she was expecting her first child.

Prior to her current relationship, she dated personalities like Pauly D, Travis Garland, Donald Trump, Jr., Courtenay Semel, Evan Ross, and others.

Right now, she is living her greatest life with her boyfriend in their own small and happy world.

Is Aubrey O’Day Single?

It seems Aubrey is not a single lady. O’Day is in a healthy relationship with her boyfriend. Although she has not revealed him yet.

After her numerous breakups, O’Day has decided to keep her personal life very far from the reach of the media.


Nonetheless, she seems to be very happy with her partner and is living her most gracious life with him and the pair is also expecting a baby as of 2023.

When the ideal time comes, she will definitely reveal he partner and their future baby to the public. Till then, she keeps things to the way of her liking.

Who has Aubrey O’Day Dated?

Throughout her decades-long career in the entertainment and television business, O’Day has been in numerous relationships over time.

Initially, she was in a relationship with TV personality Mark Jansen. Though the exact time of their relationship is unavailable.

Then in 2007, she was rumored to be dating her music producer Sean Combs. They were working jointly on a song.

She gained a little extra weight too and the public thought she was pregnant with their children. But, they denied the allegation immediately.


Through her MySpace profile, O’Day cleared things up and said she has never been pregnant to this date. After that, she started going out with actor Evan Ross.

Their relationship lasted only for a few months and moved on separately very soon. The cause behind the partition is not known.

After that, in 2008, she started hanging out with Courtenay Semel, the daughter of corporate executive Terry Semel. They were seen multiple times together.

Around the same time, she had a brief encounter with adult content star Jenna Jameson. They were together for some months.

The same year, she was again rumored to be dating Donnie Wahlberg. But both of them denied the allegation immediately.

In August 2011, she started hanging out with Donald Trump, Jr., a political activist, and businessman. He is the first child of the 45th President of the U.S. Donald Trump.


They were together for about seven months and broke up afterward. Then from 2014 to 2015, she was dating singer and dancer Travis Garland.

Following the separation, she started dating TV personality Pauly D. They were an item for approximately two years and broke up in July 2017.

After that, O’Day stayed single for some time. In January 2023, she revealed her pregnancy with her first child.

She declared she has somebody special in her life. Though she did not say who he was and continues to keep his identity discreet.

O’Day will certainly be a great mother and also a fabulous wife to her future husband. She lives a great life regardless.

Aubrey O’Day’s Net Worth

The former band member of Danity Kane, O’Day has an estimated net worth of around $4 million as per celebrity net worth.


A wide range of her fortune generally comes from her years-long career in the entertainment and television industry.

Though her year-end revenue is still in moderation, it is definitely to be in the hundreds of thousands every year.

Likewise, her net worth in the upcoming time is also very sure to take a huge incline with her gaining fame and career.

She certainly lives a very lavish and luxurious life in her expensive and huge real estate in Los Angeles.

Although she has not yet revealed anything regarding her properties, it is very sure she owns quite a lot throughout the country.


Aubrey O'Day's Social Media and Links

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