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Brandi Cyrus Biography
Brandi Cyrus, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Brandi Cyrus’ relationship status is somewhat complicated. She was in a relationship with Reinardt Visser since 2019. However, she revealed she is not together with him nor separated. She is figuring things out at the moment.

Facts of Brandi Cyrus

Date of Birth: 1987, May, 26
Birth Name Brandi Cyrus
AKA Branderz
Gender Female
Profession ,
Birth Nation United States

Who is Brandi Cyrus husband ?

Brandi Cyrus Relationship timeline ?

  1. Zach Hall

    Brandi and musician Zach were in a relationship for five years. They were in a long-distance which could not be successful.

  2. Jon Wasleske

    Brandi and musician Jon were in a relationship from 2010 to 2012. Although the reason behind their split is uknown.

  3. Sam Hancock

    Brandi and Christian band singer Sam were together for two years. Although they broke up after some issues.

Brandi Cyrus is an American actress and DJ. She is also the co-host of Cyrus vs Cyrus: Design and Conquer.

Brandi Cyrus’ Early Life and Education

She was born on 26th May 1987, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. She is the daughter of Baxter Neah Helson and famous actress, Tish Cyrus.

Her parents separated when she was still young. Her mother later remarried American musician Billy Ray Cyrus. Cyrus adopted her and her brother Trace legally.

She has four half-siblings, Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, and Christopher Cyrus. She belongs to a Caucasian ethnic heritage and holds American citizenship. Her star symbol is Gemini.

Likewise, there is currently no information regarding her educational history. Although she must hold a high school degree for the least.

Brandi Cyrus’ Professional Life

At the age of 18, she began playing guitar and often performed together with her sister Miley on the stage of HM concerts. She also performed for her father on stage.

She is very famous for co-hosting the podcast Your Favorite Thing Wells & Brandi. Brandi also used to co-host the Bravo reality TV series Cyrus vs Cyrus: Design and Conquer.

Brandi Cyrus, Source:

Apart from hosting, she also is a great DJ and even maintains a blog Style Native, posting about fashion and lifestyle.

Her blog page is also used to inform her fans about her upcoming events where she would be performing as the DJ.

Moreover, she has appeared in series and movies like Zoey 101 in 2008, Hannah Montana from 2008 to 2011, Hannah Montana: The Movie in 2009, Old 37 in 2015, and more.

Brandi Cyrus’ Personal Life

Moving on to her personal life, the famous personality Brandi Cyrus’ dating life is kind of unpredicted. She has not clearly said anything about it.

She was recently in a relationship with a South African guy named Reinhardt Visser. However, they had complications in their relationship and Cyrus took a break from social media.

After some time, she addressed her fans she has not quite broken up with Visser but is also not technically together. Seems like they are sorting things out between them.

Nonetheless, Brandi is a very decent lady and she deserves all the happiness the world has to offer. She lives a great life and seems very happy.

Is Brandi Cyrus Single?

There is no simple answer to this question. Cyrus has some issues going on with her dating life yet she handles it very well.

After her sister Miley, she is the one who got many boy dramas. Cyrus has not quite made a very clear statement about her relationship status.

But, it is known the DJ is not in a relationship nor single. She is sorting things out and is taking her time to make the right decision.

Cyrus also has maintained a very low-profile life and she does not like to flash everything about her inside life to the media.

Whom has Brandi Cyrus Dated?

Up until today, Brandi has been in several relationships. Many of them gave her life lessons and experiences.

She was first in a relationship with the Christian band’s lead singer Sam Hancock. They began dating in 2008 and initially everything was going perfectly.

But as time went by, they started having some complications. It was also rumored her half-sister Miley was hitting on him to which he declined the allegation.

After dating for two years, they finally separated for good in 2010. The same year, she met musician Jon Wasleske and soon started dating.

Likewise, their relationship also had a good start but over time, they started having differences as well.

Again after dating each other for two years, they split up in 2012. Although the exact reason behind their separation remains unknown.

The following year, she started going out with keyboard player Zach Hall. They were seen together in multiple places and had a good companionship.

They had a long-distance relationship but they were doing pretty well at it. However, long-distance is not easy.

Gradually their love interest started to fade away. However, they lasted for five years until they could not take it forward and decided to separate.

Brandi Cyrus and Reinardt Visser, Source:

Then in 2019, she started dating a South African guy Reinardt Visser. Their initial phase was going very smoothly.

Again her relationship started to show complications. She used to keep posting about it on her social media and one day decided to take a break from it.

This led many fans to be concerned about her and went on to her dm. After a while, she confessed they are having some things going on and are trying to solve them.

She revealed that they were not together but also did not break up. She is constantly working on their relationship and hopes for the best for those two.

Is Brandi Cyrus Married?

No, the gorgeous actress Brandi is not married. However, she is also not clear about her relationship at the moment.

Cyrus has not put on much thought into her marital life. She is currently very focused on her work and hardly has time to think about this matter.

However, when the right time comes, she will absolutely walk down the aisle with the love of her life. Till then, she prefers to keep things the way they are.

She does not want to take much stress and is taking her time to think about marriage. Nonetheless, she is living a very great life.

Brandi would also be an amazing mother and a loving and supporting wife. She has a very decent and jolly personality.

Brandi Cyrus’ Controversies

So far, Brandi has never been a prime subject of any sort of rumors and controversies. She also likes to live miles and miles away from these matters.

Brandi does not like to include herself in any unnecessary dramas and topics and always maintains a very fair distance from them.

She also never makes any controversial or judgemental statement anywhere and has always been very respectful towards everyone.

Cyrus maintains a very good relationship with the media and the audience and is also very much admired by the general public.

She keeps her personal and professional lives very separate and does not let either one affect another in any way.

Brandi Cyrus’ Net Worth

The beautiful DJ Brandi Cyrus has an estimated net worth of around $2 Million as per the celebrity net worth.

A huge bulk of her income generally comes from her successful career in the television and entertainment industry.

However, her annual income is yet under moderation but is very sure to be in hundreds of thousands every year.

Likewise, her net worth in the upcoming period is sure to take a huge rise with her growing fame and career.

She lives a very luxurious and lavishing life in her exquisite and luxurious real estate in Los Angeles, California.

Her father Billy Ray Cyrus, a famous musician, and her mother Tish Cyrus, a popular actress both have a net worth of around $20 Million.

Her brother Trace also has a net worth of $2 Million. Brandi’s half-sisters Miley Cyrus, a famous pop star and Noah Cyrus also has a net worth of $160 Million and $3 Million.

Her half-brother Braison has a net worth of $ 2 Million as well.

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