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Dennis Rodman Biography
Dennis Rodman, Spouse, Daughter, Kim Jong-Un, Net Worth

Facts of Dennis Rodman

Date of Birth: 1961, May, 13
Birth Name Dennis Keith Rodman
AKA Dennis
Gender Male
Birth Nation United States

Dennis Rodman is currently living a single life. However, he was married to Michelle Moyer from 2003 to 2012. They also have two children D.J. and Trinity. Before her, he was married to Carmen Electra from 1998 to 1999. His first wife was Annie Bakes from 1992 to 1993. They have a daughter Alexis.

Who is Dennis Rodman wife ?

Michelle Moyer

Dennis Rodman Relationship timeline ?

  1. Carmen Elecra

    Rodman and Electra were married for a year. They first met at a party in Las Vegas.

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  2. Vivica A. Fox

    Rodman had a short-term fling with actress and TV host Vivica. It only lasted for a few months.

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  3. Madonna

    Rodman and Madonna were in a relationship for a short time. During their relationship, Madonna even insisted on getting pregnant.

  4. Annie Bakes

    Dennis and Annie dated for six years before getting married in 1992 but their marriage broke up the folliwing year.

Dennis Rodman is a former American basketball player and actor. According to NBA, he is arguably the best rebounding forward in NBA history.

Dennis Rodman’s Early Life and Education

He was born on 13th May 1961, in Trenton, New Jersey, USA. He is the son of an Enlisted Airforce Member Philander Rodman Jr, and Shirley Rodman.

Dennis has two sisters Debra and Kim whom he grew up with. Besides, he has many other siblings. He stated that he is the oldest out of 47 children.

When he was young, his father abandoned the family and moved to the Philippines. After that, his mother took many odd jobs to support the family.

Dennis was raised in Oak Cliff, Dallas. His mother nicknamed him “The Worm” for how he wiggles playing pinball.

Dennis belongs to African-American ethnic heritage and holds American citizenship. His zodiac mark is Taurus.

Likewise, he attended South Oak Cliff High School. He was also a gym class student of Gary Blair. He was not considered an athletic standout. Dennis was listed on the school’s basketball team but was always benched from the game.

He then attended the Cooke County College in Gainsville and after that, he transferred to the Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Dennis Rodman’s Professional Life

Dennis started his basketball career by playing in the small forward position prior to becoming a power forward.

He has played for teams like the Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, and San Antonio Spurs. He has won NBA All-Defensive Team honors seven times.

Rodman is also the NBA Defensive Player of the Year twice and has won five NBA Championships. In 2011, he retired from basketball and earned his name in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Dennis Moyer with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, Source:

In 2013, he gained international attention for his visit to North Korea and befriending the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. He even became the unofficial USA Peace Ambassador to North Korea.

Dennis Rodman’s Personal Life

Coming down at his personal life, Dennis Rodman is currently living a single life. He is not dating anyone at the moment.

However, in the past, the former basketball player has been married thrice. Although all of his marriages ended in divorce.

He also has three children from his marriages. Apart from his marriage, Rodman also has dated several personalities over his career.

Currently, he is most probably living a single life. He also has kept his personal life very discreet from the media and does not share often about it.

Is Dennis Rodman Single?

Yes, Dennis Rodman is currently living a single life. He is not seeing anyone for the time being.

After his numerous heartbreaks and unsuccessful marriages, Rodman has decided to stay away from relationships for some time.

However, his last relationship was with Michelle Moyer which ended in 2012. They were together for over a decade but decided to break up.

After that, he has not been in a relationship. Or maybe he is also secretly dating someone but he has not shared anything about the matter yet.

Whom has Dennis Rodman Dated?

Throughout his decades-long career, Dennis has been in numerous relationships with different personalities.

He has also been married three times but, it somehow ended up in divorce. As of now, he is not dating anyone and has been single for a very long time.

Rodman’s last relationship was with his wife Michelle Moyer. She was also his last wife and after their divorce, Dennis has not shared much about his dating life.

Many sources claim during his marriage with Moyer, he had an affair with English model Alicia Douvall somewhere in 2004.

Alicia even claimed they were engaged but, he refused the news. Before her, he was in a short-term relationship with adult actress Jenna Jameson.

Their fling lasted for just a few months and things ended after that. Prior to her, he was married to actress Carmen Electra for a year.

In 1997, he was in a relationship with Stacy Yarbrough and there were also claims about their engagement in the media.

That same year, he had a fling with actress and TV host Vivica A. Fox. Their fling could not last past a couple of months and ended things.

In 1994, he had an affair with American singer Madonna. During that time, it was also claimed Rodman had a negative impact on his basketball career,

According to him, Madonna was very serious about them and often insisted on having a baby. She even used to send him messages through fax when she was away.

However, their affair lasted for just a couple of months, and they separated. Before her, he was married to model Annie Bakes for just a year but was in a relationship for seven years.

Is Dennis Rodman Married?

Currently, Dennis Rodman is living a single life. However, in the past, the former basketball player has been married and divorced three times.

His last marriage was with his long-term partner Michelle Moyer. They first started dating in 1999 and also gave birth to their first child, a son named D.J. the following year.

Dennis Rodman and Michelle Moyer, Source:

Their second child, a daughter Trinity was born in 2001. After living four years in a relationship, they finally decided to tie their knots.

The couple walked down the aisle in 2003. But just after a year, their marriage started to show major complications and they filed for divorce.

But, they reconciled shortly after and again separated. It went on and off till 2012 when they finally got divorced and moved on.

Prior to her, he was married to actress Carmen Electra. They first met at a party. After dating for a few months, they shared their vows.

Likewise, the following year, Carmen filed for divorce and their marriage ended. They did not have any children from their marriage.

His first wife was model Annie Bakes. They started dating in 1986. The following year in summer, she even moved in with him and gave birth to their daughter Alexis 1987.

However, in June 1989, he filed a lawsuit claiming she was entitled to more than a million Rodman earned with the Pistons.

But after a long ups-and-downs in their relationship, they married in 1992 but divorced the next year in 1993.

Dennis Rodman’s Net Worth

The former basketball star Dennis Rodman has an estimated net worth of around $500,000 as per the celebrity net worth.

A huge load of his revenue mostly comes from his successful career in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Although his annual income is yet under moderation it is quite certain to be in thousands of dollars every year.

He surely lives a very luxurious and lavishing life in his comfortable and huge real estate in Los Angeles, California.

Though he has not revealed anything about his properties, it is certain he owns quite a lot throughout the country.

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