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DMX Biography
DMX , Bio, Age, Wife, Affair, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Facts of DMX

Date of Birth: 1970, December, 18
Birth Name Earl Simmons
Gender Male
Profession ,
Birth Nation United States

DMX was a divorced man. He was married to his childhood friend Tashera Simmons with whom he had four children. The couple split up in 2010 because of his extramarital affairs. Additionally, he had 11 children with nine different women. He was engaged to Desiree Lindstrom until his death in 2021.

Who is DMX wife ?

Tashera Simmons

Earl Simmons widely known by his stage name DMX was an American rapper and actor. He has released seven albums in his career before his death.

DMX’s Early Life and Education

He was born on 18 December 1970, in Mount Vernon, New York, USA. He was the son of two teenage parents Arnett Simmons and Joe Baker. DMX had two half-sisters from his mother’s side and two half-brothers from his father’s side. His mother broke contact with his father’s side because of his abuse nature and he grew up with his mother and her boyfriends.

Even though, he was still abused by his mother and her boyfriends. He suffered from bronchial asthma in his childhood and also a drunk driver hit him while crossing the road. He spent his childhood in a Children’s Home and in the streets.

Moreover, he was expelled from school at the end of his fifth grade and after that did not receive any formal education.

DMX’s Professional Life

DMX began his career in the early ’90s when he released his debut album It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot in 1998 and received huge acclaim. His best-selling album was …And Then There Was X in 1999. He was also the first artist to debut ab album peaking at No. 1 five times in a line on the Billboard 200 charts. He has sold over 74 million records globally. Unfortunately, he lost his life on April 9, 2021, due to a cocaine-induced heart attack.

DMX’s Personal Life

DMX was a divorced man. He married his childhood mate Tashera Simmons in 1999. Together, they had four children Xavier, Tocoma, Sean, and Praise Mary Ella. Unfortunately, the couple split up in 2010 after spending 11 years of married life because of his extramarital affair.

DMX's Ex-Wife Tashera Simmons on His Last Words: 'He Was Never Afraid' |
DMX with his ex-wife Tashera Simmons, Source:

Even after the divorce, the pair remained good friends until 2016 when Tashera accused him of missing a $10,000 a month child support payment. Apart from his marriage, he has additional 11 children from his different relationships with nine different women. He had another daughter named Sasha in 2002 with Patricia Trejo and in 2012 she sued him for $1 Million unpaid child support.

Moreover, in 2004, he had another son from a woman named Monique Wayne who also sued him for defamation and child support. Genetic testing was performed and he indeed was the father of her son. The court ordered him to pay Wayne $1.5 Million. Likewise, with his former girlfriend Yadira Borrego, he had two children. In 2009, his other daughter Sonovah Junior was born. In 2011, Aaliyah was born and his fifteenth child Exodus was born to his fiancee Desiree.

DMX’s Net Worth

DMX at the time of his death had a net worth of -$1 Million because of a series of financial and legal issues. A huge record artist who started up very successfully tangled himself into various problems leading him to lose all his earnings. He had to pay thousands of dollars every year for child support for his children. Moreover, he was charged with 14 counts of tax fraud in 2017 and ended up a year in prison.

In 2013, he filed for bankruptcy and in his filing, he claimed to have about $50,000 in assets and also approximately between $1 Million to $10 Million in debt to many creditors. His debt included $1.2 Million only in child support. In his 14 counts of tax fraud, he was charged $1.7 Million and in January 2019, he owed $2.3 Million to the IRS.

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