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Geri Halliwell Biography
Geri Halliwell, Age, Spice Girls, Husband, Net Worth

Facts of Geri Halliwell

Date of Birth: 1972, August, 6
Birth Name Geraldine Estelle Halliwell
AKA Ginger Spice
Gender Female
Profession , , ,
Birth Nation United Kingdom

Geri Halliwell is a happily married lady. She got married to her partner Christian Horner. The two tied their knots in May 2015 and from their marriage, they have a son Montague, born in 2017. Prior to him, she dated other personalities like Russell Brand, Fabrizio Politi, Chris Evans, David Williams, and more. With Sacha, she also has a daughter Bluebell, born in 2006.

Who is Geri Halliwell husband ?

Christian Horner

Geri Halliwell Relationship timeline ?

  1. Russell Brand

    Geri and comedian Russell were together for a year. They got close during the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

    View Detail bio about Russell Brand

  2. Fabrizio Politi

    Halliwell and Fabrizio were also engaged for a short time. She broke up as she did not wanted to settle back then.

  3. Sacha Gervasi

    Geri and Sacha were in a relationship for just six weeks. After their split, she was pregnant with his daughter.

  4. Demian Warner

    Geri and Damien met on rehab while she was there for her treatment for eating disorder. The two also got engaged but then called off.

  5. Jamie Morrison

    Geri and Jamie were together for a year. She broke up as she found him to be quite dull.

Geri Halliwell is a British singer, songwriter, actress, and author. She is famous as a member of the famous girl group Spice Girls.

Geri Halliwell’s Early Life and Education

She was born on 6th August 1972, in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. She is the daughter of her father Laurence Frances Halliwell and her mother Ana Maria Hidalgo.

Gerri has two older siblings Max and Natalie and two older half-siblings Paul and Karen. She grew up on a small council estate in North Watford.

Geri belongs to Finnish-Swedish, English, French, and Spanish ethnic heritages and has British citizenship. Her zodiac sign is Leo.

Likewise, she went to Callowland Infant School and went Watford Grammar School for Girls. After that, she attended Camden School for Girls.

Geri Halliwell’s Professional Life

Geri rose to fame in the ’90s as Ginger Spice, a member of the girl group Spice Girls. The group is the best-selling female group of all time selling over 100 million records globally.

However, in 1998, she left the group citing creative differences and exhaustion. In 1999, she released her debut solo album Schizophonic, producing singles like Mi Chico Latino, Bag It Up, and more.

Geri Halliwell, Source:

Then in 2001, she released her second album Scream If You Wanna Go Faster with its lead single tr’s Raining Men, reaching number one in the UK.

Likewise, her third album Passion in 2005 including the single Ride It made it to the top ten in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Russia, and Ukraine.

She has also appeared in movies like Spice World in 1997, Fat Slags: The Film in 2004, Crank: High Voltage in 2009, and more.

Geri Halliwell’s Personal Life

Coming down to her personal life, the famous singer Geri Halliwell is a happily married woman. She is married to her partner Christian Horner.

The couple started dating in 2014 and tied their knots the following year. From their marriage, they have a son named Montague George Hector Horner, born in 2017.

Prior to marrying him, Halliwell was in a relationship with a few other personalities in the past. She also has a daughter Bluebell from her relationship with Sacha Geracasi.

As of now, she is living a very blessed life with her husband and children in their own small world without any complications.

Is Geri Halliwell Single?

No, the talented and popular singer Geri is not single. She is taken by her dear husband Christian Horner.

As of 2022, the couple has spent over seven years living together as a married couple and is still counting.

Both of them are extremely fortunate to have each other in their lives and their love keeps on growing stronger every single day.

Their marriage is running very smoothly and does not have any issues in their relationship. Nonetheless, she has a very blissful life.

Who has Geri Halliwell Dated?

Throughout her decades-long career in the entertainment business, the singer has been in numerous relationships in the past.

During her early career in the industry, she was rumored to be in relationships with personalities like Ricardo Terradillos and Mel B.

Her first ever public relationship was with Giovanni Laporta. The couple dated for a short time in 1997 and soon after broke up.

Then, she started going out with polo player Jamie Morrison. The two dated for a year and broke up soon after she lost interest in him.

After that, she had a short-term affair with TV personality Chris Evans. They dated for a very brief time and parted ways just after a few months,

In 2000, she had a public fling with musician Robbie Williams. Robbie got irritated with her possessive behavior and broke up after a few months.

Then in 2001, she had a three-month-long relationship with millionaire Bobby Hashemi. Their relationship fell flat after she asked him to move together.

He wanted to take things slowly at the time. While she was getting her treatment for an eating disorder in 2002, she met Demian Warner and the two started dating.

They were also seen making out in Los Angeles. They even announced their engagement but broke up after her insistence to sign a prenuptial agreement and undertake an HIV test.

In 2005, she started dating Los Angeles-based screenwriter Sacha Gervasi. Their relationship lasted for only six weeks and by the time they broke up, she announced her pregnancy.

He even offered to support her in raising their child but she denied it and wanted to do it on her own.

In 2007, she had a brief relationship with comedian David Williams. They had known each other for a long time before dating.

The following year, she started going out with Italian hunk Fabrizio Politi. He eventually went down on his one knee the same year in January.

However, two months later, Geri called off their engagement citing she was not ready to settle down, and broke up.

Then she had a two-year long relationship with socialite heir Henry Beckwith. In 2021, she had a short romantic encounter with British comedian Russell Brand.

Finally, in 2014, she started dating Christian Horner, and are still together to date raising two beautiful children.

Is Geri Halliwell Married?

Yes, the popular singer Geri Halliwell is indeed a married lady. She shared her vows to her darling husband Christian Horner.

Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner, Source:

The two first met in 2014 and eventually started going out. He is the Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula One Team.

Just after a year of dating, the two decided to take things a step further and walked down the aisle in May 2015 in an intimate ceremony attended by family and a few guests.

The following year, she gave birth to their son Montague George Hector Horner, and are living their best life together.

Geri Halliwell’s Net Worth

The chart-topping singer and songwriter Geri has an estimated net worth of around $40 Million as per celebrity net worth.

A huge load of her income basically comes from her successful career in the entertainment and television business.

Although her year-end revenue is yet in moderation, it is very certain to be in millions of dollars every year.

Likewise, her net worth in the upcoming time is also sure to take a huge uplift with her growing fame and career.

She certainly lives a very rich and lavish life with her family in their multi-million dollars worth of real estate in England.

Though she has not yet disclosed anything regarding her properties, it is certain she owns quite a lot throughout the country.

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