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Julien Solomita Biography
Julien Solomita, Bio, Age, Height, Merch, Twitter, Net Worth

Facts of Julien Solomita

Date of Birth: 1992, April, 17
Birth Name Julien Noah Solomita
AKA Julien
Gender Male
Birth Nation United States

Julien Solomita is currently engaged to American youtube Jenna Marbles. They first dated in 2013 and after eight years, in April 2021, they announced their engagement.

Who is Julien Solomita wife ?

Julien Solomita is an American YouTuber and musician. He got wider prominence after uploading different videos on his youtube channel.

Julien Solomita’s Early Life and Education

He was born on April 17, 1992, in Stanford, California, USA. However, there are no details regarding his parents’ identities.

His parents separated when he was still very young. He has two siblings, an older sister Roxanne and a younger brother Marlon.

During his childhood, he loved playing baseball. Although there is not much given about his early childhood.

Julien belongs to a Caucasian ethnic ancestry and holds American citizenship. His star symbol is Aries.

Likewise, from 2010 to 2014, Solomita attended Chapman University and graduated with a degree in Television and Broadcast Journalism.

Julien Solomita’s Professional Life

While in college, he started his YouTube channel on December 8, 2012. Then he uploaded his first video on March 16, 2013, titled Deadlift PR (415lbs).

Initially, his videos mostly contained topics related to fitness and exercises. Then, he began exploring and posted vlogs on his channel.

On April 3, 2013, he posted his first vlog VLOG 1: I’m on my bike, and since, has been posting videos on a regular basis on his channel.

He has also appeared in multiple videos with his fiancee Jenna Marbles. His most popular videos are Our Dogs after Dentist, Massive Blue UFO Over Los Angeles, and more.

Moreover, he has also worked as a bartender and programmer in the past. Solomita released his album Nightmare Fuel and received a Shortly Award for the best Vlogger of the year nomination.

Julien Solomita’s Personal Life

Moving on to his personal life, the famous YouTuber Julien Solomita is an engaged man. He is engaged to his long-term partner Jenna Marbles.

The two have been in a relationship for nearly a decade and their love for one another is still very fresh.

Prior to his relationship with Marbles, he has not mentioned anyone else. Also, Solomita keeps his personal life relatively low profile.

Nonetheless, he is living the best life with his fiancee Marbles and is very to have Jenna in his life.

Is Julien Solomita Single?

No, Julien Solomita is not single. He is in fact taken by his amazing partner Jenna. He lives with his amazing fiancee Jenna Marbles.

The two have spent nine years together as of 2022 and their love for each other is still very strong and fresh.

Both of them are extremely lucky to have one another to brighten up their lives and also seem very grateful for the life that they have together.

Despite being famous personalities, they have managed well to keep their inside matters as far from the public too.

Nonetheless, both of them are living a very beautiful life together.

Whom has Julien Solomita Dated?

So far, Julien has never been very much open about his personal life. He has not clearly mentioned it on the internet as well.

Apart from Marbles, he has never confirmed dating any other ladies in his career. It might also be true he got engaged to his first love.

The two began their relationship in 2013. Then he made his first appearance in Jenna’s YouTube video while she was on a trip to Ireland in February 2013.

Their bond gradually began to grow stronger and sooner ended up together. May sources claim they fell in love on their trip.

Slowly he began appearing on many videos of Jenna and their relationship started to thrive. As of 2022, they are still together, in fact, engaged.

He seems very happy to have her in his life and vice-versa. Their lives look very fun and filled with love and joy.

Although they have some boundaries about sharing their ongoing life with the public. They have maintained some privacies as well.

Prior to dating Solomita, Marbles was in a relationship with YouTube star Max Weisz. Their relationship lasted for four years from 2008 to 2012.

Julien, on the other hand, has not been in a relationship publically before meeting Jenna Marbles.

As of now, he seems to be living the most beautiful life with his fiancee, and their love for each other keeps on growing every day.

Is Julien Solomita Married?

No, the YouTuber Julien Solomita is not yet married. However, he is engaged to popular YouTuber Jenna Marbles.

The two announced their engagement in April 2021. Although as of now, they haven’t decided anything about their wedding.

When the right time comes, he will surely tie his knots with his fiancee till then, he likes to keep things the way they are.

He will certainly be an amazing father and also a loving and supportive husband to his lovely wife. He lives a great life regardless.

Julien Solomita’s Controversies

So far, Julien Solomita has never been a prime topic of any sort of rumors and controversies. He stays miles and miles away from such topics as well.

Julien does not like to involve himself in any sort of unnecessary drama topics and maintains a very fair distance from such things.

Moreover, he has never made any political or judgemental statement anywhere and has always been very respectful towards everyone.

Julien has maintained a very affirmative relationship with the media and the audience and is loved by the people.

He keeps his professional and personal lives very separate and does not let one life affect another in any way.

Julien Solomita’s Net Worth

Julien Solommita, a popular internet personality has an estimated net worth of around $2 Million as per various sources.

A huge load of his paycheck mostly comes from his successful career in the internet broadcasting business.

However, his annual income is yet under review but it is very sure to be in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Likewise, his net worth in the upcoming time is also sure to take a huge rise with his growing fame and success.

Nonetheless, he lives a very luxurious and lavishing life with his fiancee in their expensive and comfortable real estate in Los Angeles.

His fiancee, Jenna, a famous youtube also has an estimated net worth of around $8 Million as per celebrity net worth.

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