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Justin Prentice Biography
Justin Prentice, Age, Movies & TV Shows, Glee, Net Worth

Facts of Justin Prentice

Date of Birth: 1994, March, 25
Birth Name Justin Wright Prentice
AKA Justin
Gender Male
Birth Nation United States

Justin Prentice is currently in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend Annika Pampel. The couple has dated for a very long time. They made it public in 2017 and have been inseparable since.

Who is Justin Prentice wife ?

Justin Prentice is an American actor. He is most notable for his role in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

Justin Prentice’s Early Life and Education

He was born on 25th March 1994, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Although his parents’ identities are currently not available.

Likewise, it is unknown if he has any siblings or not. There are presently no details about his early childhood as well.

Prentice belongs to English and possibly other ethnic heritage. He holds American citizenship and his zodiac is Aries.

Justin started his acting career at a young age. Hence, he had to leave authentic schooling and shifted to homeschooling instead.

Justin Prentice’s Professional Life

In 2011, Justin made his acting debut when he portrayed Dirty Jack in the movie Terri. The following year, he appeared in TV series like The Middle, Criminal Minds, and Melissa & Joey.

Justin also gave his voice to the character of Jaya in the series The Legends of Korra. Similarly, he then appeared in movies like Me Again in 2012 and Some Kind of Hate in 2015.

Justin Prentice in 13 Reasons Why, Source:

Prentice also depicted Teenage Rick in the film Sex Death and Bowling in 2015. He gained international fame after his role as Bryce Walker in the blockbuster hit series 13 Reasons Why.

He starred alongside Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Alisha Boe, and others. Then after, he started appearing in series like NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, CSI: Cyber, and more.

Moreover, he also appeared as the boyfriend of Lauren Potter on Glee and then appeared in the 2017 MNC series Preacher.

Justin Prentice’s Personal Life

Moving on to his personal life, Justin Prentice is currently in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend Annika Pampel.

Although the precise date of the beginning of their relationship is unknown. They started getting public attention in 2017 regarding their relationship.

Justin is living his best life with his girlfriend. They also have maintained a low-profile life and do not share much about their ongoing relationship.

Nonetheless, he is very happy to be with her, and also their relationship is growing stronger by the minute.

Is Justin Prentice Single?

No, the 13 Reasons Why star Prentice is not single. He is currently in a relationship with German model and actress Annika Pampel.

As of 2022, they have spent over five years as a couple publically. This might not be fully accurate as they have not revealed the start of their relationship.

Both of them are very happy to be with one another and they are also very lucky and blessed to have each other by their sides.

Both of them are successful personalities and are also very compatible with each other. The pair is also well adored by their fans.

Whom has Justin Prentice Dated?

So far, Justin Prentice has not revealed dating any other personalities apart from his girlfriend Pampel.

It seems they first met while they were still in the initial phase of their careers. Their bond slowly began to grow and ended up together.

He has not mentioned dating anyone prior to her and Pampel also has not revealed dating anyone before him.

The pair seem like a match made in heaven and their relationship is growing very stronger every single day.

Justin Prentice and Annika Pampel, Source:

Also, both of them have chosen to keep their personal life very far from the reach of the media and does not want the press to know more about them.

Both of them are living the most beautiful life together and are enjoying every moment of it.

Is Justin Prentice Married?

No, the Nashville-born actor is not married. However, he is in a romantic relationship with his long-term partner Annika Pampel.

As of now, they both are very focused and occupied with their career. They have not thought much about getting married anytime soon.

However, when the right time comes, he will sure tie his knots with his partner in the near future. Till then, he prefers to keep things the way they are.

Prentice has a very amazing personality and he surely will be the best husband for his wife and also a very loving father for his future kids.

Justin Prentice’s Controversies

Up until now, Justin has never been a major subject of any sort of controversies or rumors. He lives miles and miles away from such topics.

Justin also does not like to involve himself in unnecessary dramas and maintains a very fair distance from them.

He has maintained a very good relationship with the press and the audience. He has never made any controversial statement anywhere as well.

Prentice maintains his personal and professional lives very separate and does not let either one hamper another in any way.

Justin Prentice’s Net Worth

The popular and talented actor Justin Prentice has a net worth of around $2 Million as per various sources.

A huge load of his payload generally comes from his widely successful career in the television and cinematic business.

During the time of 13 Reasons Why, Prentice accepted a salary between $20,000 to $60,000 per episode. He surely earns hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual basis.

Likewise, his net worth in the upcoming time is also very sure to take a huge rise with his growing fame and success.

He lives a very luxurious and rich life in his expensive and cozy place in Los Angeles, California.

Even though he has not disclosed anything about his real estate, he surely owns several assets and properties throughout the country.

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