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Letesha Marrow Biography

Letesha Marrow is currently living a single life. She has not been involved in any relationship presently. However, she has a son Elijah from her past relationship although she never mentioned anything about her baby daddy.

Facts of Letesha Marrow

Date of Birth: 1976, March, 20
Birth Name Letesha Marrow
AKA Letesha
Gender Female
Profession , , ,
Birth Nation United States
Father Ice-T
Mother Adrienne

Who is Letesha Marrow husband ?

Letesha Marrow is an American musician, record producer, actress, and author. She is also famous for being the daughter of popular rapper Ice-T.

Letesha Marrow’s Early Life and Education

She was born on 20 March 1976 in the U.S. She is the eldest daughter of American rapper and songwriter Ice-T and his former girlfriend, Adrienne. She has a stepmother Coco Austin. Letesha has two other half-siblings, Tracy Marrow Jr. and Chanel Nicole Marrow. She belongs to African-American ethnic heritage, and her zodiac symbol is Pisces.

Her parents were still high school students when she was born. They struggled a lot to catch up on things, and Ice-T had to serve in the U.S. Army to support her and his girlfriend financially. Her mother continued her schooling even after her birth.

Likewise, there is currently no information regarding Letesha’s educational background.

Letesha Marrow’s Professional Life

She was influenced by her father from a very young age and wanted to pursue a similar career. However, things didn’t work out for her. She appeared in her father’s reality TV series T-Tea-V behind the Scenes. Ice Loves Coco and more. She appears with her son regularly on Ice-T’s show.

Letesha Marrow with her father Tracy Lauren Marrow | Thecelebsinfo
Letesha Marrow with her father Ice-T, Source:

Her father, Ice-T, is a very famous personality who has released many record albums. Moreover, he has also starred in several movies.

Letesha Marrow’s Relationship Status

Unlike her father, Letesha keeps her personal life very intimate. She does not share anything much when it comes to her dating. Many sources expect the actress to be living a single life as of now. Marrow lives a very secretive life away from all the limelight. She is also living a pretty decent life.

However, she has a son named Elijah from her past relationship. The father of her son is still not known as she has never mentioned anything about him. Similarly, she keeps her dating life extremely personal and hidden from all possible ways. She seems happy and lives her life to the fullest.

Is Letesha Marrow Single?

As per different sources, it is pretty much expected the actress and producer Letesha Marrow is most probably living a single life. It is pretty hard to tag on relationship status as she rarely speaks about her personal life. Also, the web does not have accurate data about her dating history.

She also might be dating somebody secretly as she does not share it with the out world. She seems more focused and busy building her career. Marrow also does not seem quite interested in dating as of now. Nonetheless, when the right time comes, she will surely find the right person for herself with her generous personality.

Who has Letesha Marrow Dated?

Letesha Marrow has only dated one time. Although she never mentioned who the guy was. She always kept his identity concealed from the media. From their relationship, Letesha got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy son named Elyjah in 1995. Apart from this one, she has never officially been in other relationships.

She also does not talk openly about this subject. Likewise, Letesha has also never had a part in any affairs. She lives a very decent life and works as the CEO and TV personality. She also has never been seen with any guy who could possibly look like her partner. Thus it is unknown if she is dating anyone at the moment.

Is Letesha Marrow Married?

The simple answer to this question is no. Letesha Marrow is most possibly living a single life. She has only admitted to being in one relationship. It is also unknown if she is seeing anybody as well. It is very hard to keep track of her dating life as she never shares it publically.

Letesha Marrow is not married and does not look like she will be in some time. When the right time comes she, without a doubt will find an awesome husband for herself to grow old with. Her generous and humble personality makes it very difficult not to fall in love with her. Nonetheless, she is happy regardless and that is what matters the most for her and her well-wishers.

Letesha Marrow’s son Elijah Marrow Case

Elijah Marrow, son of Letesha and grandson of Ice-T was arrested in Marietta, Georgia on June 24, 2014. He got into handcuffs for being involuntary manslaughter with many other charges of his roommate Daryus Johnson. As per the police officials, he was not using proper firearms safety precautions which led to the death of Daryus Johnson.

Moreover, he also was charged with the possession of marijuana and weapons. She was much affected by this incident. However, she does not talk about it much openly. Moreover, her father also did not give any statement regarding the topic nor does she talks openly in this matter.

Letesha Marrow’s Controversies

So far, Letesha has maintained her public fame very well. She has never been a part of any rumors and controversies. The actress stays very far away from all the unnecessary dramas and does not like to include herself in these cases. She has maintained her private and professional life very well.

Apart from her son’s case, there are no such things she has tangled herself into. Marrow lives a very decent life and knows how to manage her fame well. She also has a generous personality and the media loves her. The only primary thing she is much invested in is building her career and fame properly.

Letesha Marrow’s Net Worth

Letesha Marrow has an estimated net worth of around $1 Million as per different sources. Most of her revenue generally comes from her successful career in the entertainment business. She also earns hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. As a CEO she approximately makes $160,000 and $57,000 as a TV host.

Her net worth in the forthcoming future is also sure to take a huge uplift with her rising fame. She lives a luxurious life in a rich neighborhood. However, her real estate is not available but, she surely owns many properties throughout the country and also has expensive and latest cars.

Her father, Ice-T, a successful rapper has an estimated net worth of $60 Million. Most of his earnings come from his record sales and acting. he also owns a $2.1 Million house in New Jersey and lives a very lavishing life with his wife and daughter.

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