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Rosa Saavedra Biography

Facts of Rosa Saavedra

Date of Birth:
Birth Name Rosa Saavedra
AKA Rosa
Gender Female

Rosa Saavedra was married to Mexican record producer, actor, and composer Pedro Rivera. The couple tied their knots in 1963 and together has six children. However, they got divorced in 2008.

Who is Rosa Saavedra husband ?

Pedro Rivera Married date: 1900 ( Married Status: Divorced)

Rosa Saavedra is the former wife of the Mexican music composer, actor, and record producer Pedro Rivera.

Rosa Saavedra’s Early Life and Education:

Her exact birthplace and birthday are currently unavailable. Similarly, there are no data about her parents and siblings. Likewise, her ethnicity, star sign, and nationality are under the wrap too.

Likewise, her educational background is also unknown.

Rosa Saavedra’s Professional Life:

Rosa Saavedra is only known for being the former wife of Pedro Rivera. Besides that, there is currently nothing provided about her career. She only gained the media limelight for being the support and partner of her ex-husband.

Pedro Rivera, on the other hand, is a very famous Latin music record producer. He started his production in 1988, Cintas Acuario after 18 years of moving to the U.S. from Mexico. Since then, his empire is known as one of the biggest empires in the world. Throughout his career, he has launched singers like Valentin Elizade, Los Razoz, and many more.

Rosa Saavedra’s Personal Life:

Rosa Saavedra is currently living a single life. However, previously, she tied her knots with Mexican record producer Pedro Rivera. The pair tied their knots in 1963 and together, have six children, four sons, Pedro Jr., Juan, Gustavo, and Lupillo, and two daughters, Rosie and Jenni. All of her children are very successful personalities. Unfortunately, her daughter Jenni lost her life in a plane crash in 2012.

Their marriage lasted for a long time until the time they started having complications. The disagreements between them started to grow and it came up to a point where none of them could save it. Finally, in 2008, their divorce got finalized. After that, they went on with their own lives. Pedro then dated his private assistant Juana Ahumada and shared his vows with her in 2019.

Rosa Saavedra’s Net Worth:

The precise net worth of Rosa cannot be calculated as there is no knowledge about her career and profession. During her time with her former husband Pedro, she lived a luxurious life as he has a net worth of $195 Million. After their divorce, it can be sure she got most of his money but, it is not publically mentioned.

Likewise, her children, on the other hand, are very successful personalities as well. Her son Pedro is worth over $12 Million, Jennie was worth approximately $25 Million, Lupillo, $12 Million, Rosie, $5 Million, and Juan about $10 Million. She is a proud mother of six successful children. She surely lives a very lavishing life.

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