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Amanda Lindhout Biography

Amanda Lindhout is currently living a single life. She also has not shared anything regarding her relationship status. The journalist likes to keep her private information isolated from the world and does not want them out publically. Nonetheless, she is living a great life building her career.

Facts of Amanda Lindhout

Date of Birth: 1981, June, 12
Birth Name Amanda Lindhout
AKA Amanda
Gender Female
Profession , ,
Birth Nation Canada

Who is Amanda Lindhout husband ?

Amanda Lindhout is a Canadian journalist, humanitarian, and public speaker. She is also the founder of the Global Enrichment Foundation.

Amanda Lindhout’s Early Life and Education

She was born on 12 June 1981, in Red Deer, Alberta, USA. She is the daughter of her mother Lorinda although her father’s identity is unavailable.

Her father had chronic health problems and he depended on disability payments. She was raised by her mother along with her two siblings Mark and Nathaniel.

She had a dream of becoming a model and also briefly did modeling. Afterward, she enrolled in a beautician’s school.

Amanda Lindhout’s Professional Life

Lindhout left her job as a cocktail waitress to become a journalist and used her savings to finance trips to several conflict zones globally and reported.

Canadian Amanda Lindhout freed in Somalia | CBC News
Amanda Lindhout as a freelance journalist, Source:

On August 23, 2003, she along with her entourage were kidnapped by Islamist insurgents in South Somalia and were released on November 25, 2009, after fifteen months.

In 2013, she released her book, A House in the Sky: A Memoir, where she shared things about her early life, travels, and hostage experiences.

The following year, her book was adapted on a motion picture by Megan Ellison, with Rooney Mara playing her character.

Amanda Lindhout’s Personal Life

Coming up to Amanda Lindhout’s personal life, she is most probably living a single life. She also does not share anything about her dating life.

Moreover, the journalist has never spilled anything about her dating life and experiences with the world.

She also didn’t mention dating even in her memoir. Lindhout seems to be a very secretive lady when things come up to her personal matters.

She also maintains a very low-profile life and also does not make frequent media appearances.

Is Amanda Lindhout Single?

Most sources claim the philanthropist to be living a single life. However, she has not confirmed her relationship status.

Amanda also likes to keep her inside matters very discreet and does not want people to know everything about her.

She has kept a fair line between her personal and professional life. She is as of now, more focused on building her career rather than being with someone.

Nonetheless, she is living a happy and free life on her own and doing the things she loves, helping others.

Whom has Amanda Lindhout Dated?

So far, there is nothing known about Amanda Lindhout’s dating history. The media knows nothing when it comes to her dating life.

How journalist Amanda Lindhout's brutal kidnapper was brought to justice
Amanda Lindhout, Source:

Also, Lindhout does not seem comfortable sharing her dating life experiences openly and has kept it a secret.

It is also difficult to dig things up when the person hasn’t shared anything much and also does not appear frequently out in the public.

Even if she has dated, we don’t know whom she is connected romantically with. Nonetheless, it is her life and right to do things as she likes.

Is Amanda Lindhout Married?

The simple answer to this question is no. The gorgeous journalist Amanda Lindhout is not yet married.

Lindhout is most probably living a single life focusing on her career. She also has not talked much about her personal life.

However, when the right time comes, she will certainly find the ideal man for herself with those pretty looks and generous personalities.

Till then, she chooses to serve people and work for them, and do the things she likes the most.

Amanda Lindhout’s Kidnapping

On August 23, 2008, she along with her crew were kidnapped by young Somali men for 15 months.

During those times, the kidnappers sexually assaulted and tortured her and demanded ransom from her mother in Canada.

Her mother engaged in negotiations for months before finally setting her daughter free.

Months after her release, she received a message from her kidnapper saying “hello”. Lindhout contacted the police and tried everything to get justice for her.

Somali on trial in Canada over journalist's 2008 kidnap - BBC News
Ali Omar Ader (One of Amanda’s kidnappers), Source:

After months of tracking and manipulating him, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were finally able to lure him to Canada and put him behind bars. In 2018, the court sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

Amanda Lindhout’s Controveries

Amanda Lindhout lives miles and miles faraway from all possible controversies and dramas.

The freelancer journalist does not like to include herself in any kind of drama and stays far from it.

Lindhout also lives a very low-profile life and also rarely makes public appearances and does not like unnecessary attention drawn towards her.

Amanda Lindhout’s Net Worth

The talented journalist Amanda Lindhout has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 Million as per various sources.

A huge bulk of her income primarily comes from her career as a freelancing journalist and reporting from throughout the world.

However, her annual income is yet under moderation but, taking an up-close look at her success, it is quite certain to be in thousands of dollars.

Her net worth in the near future is also sure to take a huge rise because of her dedication and compassion towards her career.

Her non-profit organization, Global Enrichment Foundation has raised approximately $3 Million to aid children and women in Somalia and Kenya.

She must live a very luxurious and lavishing life in her house in Canada. However, she has not unveiled anything about her real estate but surely owns several properties throughout the country.

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