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Colin Hanks Biography

Facts of Colin Hanks

Date of Birth: 1977, November, 24
Birth Name Colin Lewes Dillingham
AKA Colin
Gender Male
Profession , ,
Birth Nation United States
Father Tom Hanks
Mother Rita Wilson

Colin Hanks is a happily married man. He got married to his long-term partner Samantha Bryant, a former New York publicist. They got engaged in 2009 and got married the next year on May 8, 2010. Together, they have two children Olivia and Charlotte.

Who is Colin Hanks wife ?

Samantha Bryant

Colin Hanks is an American actor, producer, and director. He is known for his appearances in movies like Orage County, The Buck Howard, Jumanji, and more.

Colin Hanks’ Early Life and Education

He was born on November 24, 1977, in Sacramento, California, USA. He is the son of famous actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks and his former late wife Samantha Lewes. Hanks grew up with his sister Elizabeth. He also has two half-siblings Chester and Truman from his father’s second wife Rita Wilson.

Hanks belongs to Portuguese, Ashkenazi Jewish, English, Cornish, Irish, German, and Welsh ethnic heritage. He holds American citizenship and his astrology symbol is Sagittarius. His parents divorced when he was still a child and split times with his parents growing up.

Likewise, he graduated from Sacramento County Day School. Furthermore, he attended Chapman University and later transferred to Loyola Marymount University. However, he did not graduate and left without getting a degree.

Colin Hanks’ Professional Life

Colin Hanks began his career by appearing on TV series. In 1999, he appeared in the sci-fi series Rosewell and also appeared in Whatever It Takes and Get Over It at the same time. In 2002, he made his movie debut in Orange County along with Jack Black and Schuyler Fisk. Likewise in 2005, he appeared in King Kong.

His other notable appearances include movies like The Great Buck Howard in 2008, The House Bunny in 2008, High School in 2010, That Guilt Trip in 2012, Vacation in 2015, Jumanji series in 2017, and many more. He is also the firstborn child of the legendary actor Tom Hanks.

Colin Hanks’ Relationship Status

Speaking about his relationship status, Colin Hanks is a married man. He tied his knots to his long-term girlfriend Samantha Bryant. She is a former New York publicist. They got married and also have two beautiful children together. However, Hanks tries to keep his personal life as low as possible.

It's a girl for Colin Hanks and Samantha Bryant
Colin Hanks with his wife Samantha Bryant, Source:

He does not want to publicize anything about his family and likes to give his children the privacy they deserve. However, he is living a very loving life with his family and is also a great father. Apart from this, he rarely speaks about his private matters. Hanks also lives a very low-profile life.

Is Colin Hanks Single?

The handsome actor Colin Hanks is not single. He is married to his long-term girlfriend Samantha Bryant and also has two children together. The couple has been married for over a decade and their love is still as fresh as the newlyweds. There are also no issues and complications in their marriage and are living a great life.

He is very much in love with his wife which only keeps growing every day. Although, the actor does not spill out much about his personal matters to the media and web. He tries to keep his life as low as possible. Nonetheless, he is very happy with his family and is living his best life.

Who has Colin Hanks Dated?

Before his marriage, Colin Hanks has admitted to only one relationship. During his college days in the ’90s, he was in a relationship with actress Busy Philipps. However, their relationship lasted for only a short time. They ended up separating and moved on with their own separate life.

After that, Hanks began dating Samantha Bryant. They dated for quite a long time and finally decided to get married as well. Apart from these two ladies, Hanks has not mentioned anything about any other women. He also maintains his personal life very well and does not let any unnecessary information leak out.

Is Colin Hanks Married?

Yes, the talented actor and director Colin Hanks, in fact, is a happily married man. He tied his knots with former New York publicist Samantha Bryants. However, the exact date of the beginning of their relationship remains unknown but, they dated for a very long time before finally getting engaged in June 2009.

Colin Hanks took his daughter, Olivia, to a farmers market in LA. | July's  Most Adorable Celebrity Baby Pictures | POPSUGAR Family Photo 20
Colin Hanks with his wife and children, Source:

The following year, on May 8, 2010, the couple walked down the aisle in an intimate ceremony. From their marriage, they have two beautiful daughters Olivia and Charlotte Hanks. He is also an amazing father and lives a very joyful life with his family. Moreover, he has never been a part of any affairs and loves his wife unconditionally.

Colin Hanks’ Children

Colin Hanks is an amazing father to two beautiful girls. His wife gave birth to their firstborn daughter Olivia Jane Hanks in 2011 and their second daughter Charlotte Hanks in 2013. He is an amazing dad who loves his daughters and tries to provide everything for them.

His daughters are also the granddaughters of two Hollywood superstars Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Moreover, he also has a niece Micaiah, the daughter of his half-brother Chet Hanks. Hanks’ family is huge and maintains very good relationships with everyone.

Colin Hanks’ Mother’s Death

Colin Hanks’ biological mother Samantha Lewes was an American actress. She was also the first wife of actor Tom Hanks. The couple walked down the aisle in 1979 and had two children Colin and Elizabeth. Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end in 1987. Tom remarried actress Rita Wilson in 1988.

Samantha lost her life in 2002 at the age of 49 due to bone cancer. Her cancer already spread to her lungs and brains which caused her death just months after being diagnosed. She could not fight the disease for a very long time and passed away very soon.

Colin Hanks Controversies

Colin Hanks lives miles away from controversies. The actor does not like to include himself in such unnecessary subjects and also tries to live as far as possible from such matters. So far, he has never been a subject of controversies and lives his life far from all the limelight in his small circle.

Despite being a huge personality, he has done a phenomenal job of keeping his private and professional life separate without letting the media interfere. Nonetheless, he lives a very peaceful life away from all the highlights and media and also rarely makes public appearances.

Colin Hanks’ Net Worth

The talented actor and director Colin Hanks has an estimated net worth of around $14 Million as per the celebrity net worth. A huge range of his salary generally comes from his decade long career in the movie industry. However, his annual income is yet under moderation but, viewing his career, it is quite certain to be in millions of dollars every year.

Likewise, his net worth in the upcoming days is also sure to take a huge rise. He lives a very luxurious and lavishing life in his expensive place in Los Angeles. Hanks bought a $2.8 Million farmhouse in the Studio City area of LA. He also must have expensive car collections as well.

His father Tom Hanks has an estimated net worth of $400 Million and his stepmother Rita Wilson has a net worth of $100 Million. Tom and Rita also own $150 Million worth of properties and real estate throughout the country. His half-brother Chet, an actor and musician have a net worth of around $2 Million.

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