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Jason Simpson Biography

Facts of Jason Simpson

Date of Birth: 1970, April, 21
Birth Name Jason Simpson
AKA The Juice
Gender Male
Birth Nation United States
Father O.J. Simpson
Mother Marguerite Whitley

Jason Simpson is most probably living a single life. He has not mentioned anything about being in a relationship with anyone. He lives a happy life focused on mainly building his career presently.

Who is Jason Simpson wife ?

Jason Simpson is an American chef. He is best known for being the son of the former American NFL running back O.J. Simpson.

Jason Simpson’s Early Life and Education

He was born on 21 April 1970 in the U.S. He is the son of former American NFL running back O.J. Simpson and his first wife, Marguerite Whitley. He has two siblings, Arnelle and Aaren and two half-siblings, Justin and Sydney. He belongs to the African-American ethnic heritage. Jason holds American citizenship, and his zodiac symbol is Taurus.

Likewise, there is currently no information regarding his educational background. However, like most Americans, he must be a high school graduate.

Jason Simpson’s Professional Life

Currently, there is nothing much written on the web about his professional career. He is a broadcaster and actor, but his works are not displayed on the internet. However, he has a good career and a settled life in Atlanta. Apart from this, there is no information mentioned about his career.

He only came to huge media recognition after his father’s murder verdict of his step-mother Nicole Brown and a restaurant waiter Ron Goldman.

Jason Simpson’s Personal Life

When it comes to his personal life, Jason Simpson likes to remain silent about the topic. He has not openly mentioned anything about his dating life with the public. Although sources claim he has lived in Atlanta since 2016 and has maintained a very low-profile life. He has concealed everything when it comes to his private life.

However, he lives quite a decent life. He works in Atlanta and has quite a good career as well. He also does not like to give media appearances. Simpson stays away from all the limelight and has kept it that way since his father’s trials. However, his relationship status is a topic of mystery and is yet to be found.

Is Jason Simpson Single?

It is hard to know if Jason Simpon is in a relationship or single. He has not spoken out openly about his dating life yet. He has also never been seen out with anyone who could be like his partner. Simpson is most probably living a single life focusing more on building his career.

He is working and is quite busy constructing a sustainable career and life for himself and hopefully for his family in the future. Moreover, the web also does not have pictures of him appearing with other females. He is quite successful in maintaining a very low-profile life away from all the media.

Is Jason Simpson Married?

Jason Simpson is not married and is also most probably single. He has never mentioned being in a relationship with anyone. After a very long court trial of his father, he has finally got some time for himself, and he has invested that time mostly in his works. However, he might also be secretly dating, concealing from the outside world.

He might be in a very intimate relationship, but the media is unknown, so it is difficult to put a married or in-relation tag on him. Nonetheless, he lives quite a good life working as a chef in Atlanta. When the time arrives, he will surely find an ideal partner for himself to grow old with. Till then, he is happily living his life.

Did Jason Simpson Killed Nicole Brown?

William C. Dear, in his book, provided multiple indirect pieces of evidence to support his allegation that Jason was the one to commit the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. He claimed Jason had a history of violent outbursts and was also diagnosed with ‘intermittent rage disorder.

Falling down the O.J. rabbit hole — The Undefeated
Jason Simpson with his father O.J. Simpson and step-mother Nicole Brown, Source:

Dear also found a diary which is believed to be Jason’s. The writer wrote about killing anyone who hurts his loved ones. Simpson was also arrested multiple times for drinking under the influence with a suspended license. His medical records also revealed three suicide attempts.

Furthermore, six months before the murder, he sought emergency treatment because of running out of his medications. On the very day of Nicole’s murder, she, along with her family, was supposed to dine at a restaurant where Jason worked but changed his shift. Some of the items discovered on the crime scene were expected to be Jason as O.J.’s forensic evidence did not match. However, he was never tested to confirm his innocence.

Jason Simpson’s Controversies

Jason Simpson suffered a controversy on his father’s trial for Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman’s murder case. It was one of the biggest trials in history, where his father O.J. was sentenced to 33 years in prison without any parole for nine years. However, William C. Dear suspected him to be the actual convict.

He also provided many logical shreds of evidence against him. But, Jason was never properly put on trial for all of those allegations. Apart from this, he has never been a topic of controversy nor faced any criticism. He lives a peaceful life in Atlanta presently.

Jason Simpson’s Net Worth

Jason Simpson has an estimated net worth of somewhat between $1 Million to $5 Million as various sources. This includes all of his money, income, and assets. However, the exact figure of his net worth is currently unavailable but, he has quite a big net worth.

Likewise, he also earns thousands of dollars every year from his career. Taking a look at his life, it is also certain his net worth in the upcoming future is sure to take a big rise. He lives a decent and lavishing life in Atlanta where he currently works as a chef. Simpson also owns luxurious cars and a house.

His father, O.J. Simpson, a former NFL running back has a net worth of around $3 Million. A wide range of his income generally comes from his NFL pension. He also owns a house in California. His half-sister Sydney, a businesswoman has a net worth of around $500,000.

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