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Malcolm Washington Biography

Malcolm Washington is currently living a single life. Likewise, he does not share much when it comes to his dating life, and is unknown if he is linked with anyone secretly or not. Nonetheless, he lives a blessed life.

Facts of Malcolm Washington

Date of Birth: 1991, April, 10
Birth Name Malcolm Washington
AKA Malcolm
Gender Male
Birth Nation United States
Father Denzel Washington
Mother Pauletta Washington

Who is Malcolm Washington wife ?

Malcolm Washington is one of the children of famous actor and director Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta Washington

Malcolm Washington’s Early Life and Education

He was born on 10 April 1990 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is the son of the legendary actor and director Denzel Washington and his wife actress Pauletta Washington. Malcolm grew up with his other three siblings John David, Katia, and Olivia. He belongs to African-American ethnic heritage and his zodiac symbol is Aries.

Furthermore, after graduating from a private school, he attended the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 2013. He also played basketball for his college team.

Malcolm Washington’s Professional Life

After graduation, he started working in directing department. In 2014, he worked as a miscellaneous crew member on the movie set of Chef. In 2016, he directed a short film called Benny Got Shot. Likewise, he also served as the writer of the film and also wrote the scripts.

His father, on the other hand, is an award-winning actor and director. He has appeared in numerous movies like Glory in 1989, Malcolm X in 1992, Training Day in 2001, The Great Debaters in 2007, Flight in 2012, and many more. He has also won awards like Tony Awards, Golden Globe Awards, SAG Awards, and more.

Malcolm Washington’s Relationship Status

There is nothing on the web when it comes to the personal life of Malcolm Washington. He has always kept his private life very discreet. Malcolm never shares anything about it with the outside world and has chosen to remain quiet. However, most sources claim him to be single.


He lives a very low-profile life away from all the media highlights and also makes public appearances rarely. Unlike his parents, he chooses to live a very down and ordinary life keeping himself out of the limelight. He is also not active on social media and is hard to catch up with his day-to-day life.

Is Malcolm Washington Single?

The handsome man Malcolm Washington is possibly living a single man. He has not spoken anything about his dating life publically. As of now, Washington seems busier on building his career rather than tangling himself into relationships. He lives a very discreet life on his own.

Washington is also pretty busy working on his new projects which gives him very little time to spend for himself. The hardworking man is occupied by his works. Nonetheless, he has all figured out and is living the best life he can with his job and encountering new people every day.

Who has Malcolm Washington Dated?

So far, there is no valid information given about Malcolm’s dating life. He has never mentioned anything about his love life with us. He prefers to keep such information just within himself and his close ones. Other than that, he hasn’t shared it with anyone and certainly not with the media.

He doesn’t like media attention and tries to live as far as possible from them. However, he also might be in a secret relationship but it is unknown. He is extremely good at hiding his personal life from the media. However, he will share his relationship life with us when he finally feels it is the right time for that.

Is Malcolm Washington Married?

The most simple answer to this question is no. Malcolm Washington is not a married man. The handsome bachelor is still most assumably living a single life nor does he share any such information with the outside world. He has always been a secretive person when it comes down to his personal life.


However, with those looks and an awesome personality, it is not a very hard job for him to find a girlfriend. It is very hard for anyone not to like him. When the right time comes, he will surely find the best partner for himself to get married and spent the rest of his life with. Till then, he enjoys his single and free life.

Malcolm Washington’s Controversies

Malcolm Washington has never been a part of controversies and prefers to stay as far as possible from them. Ne does not like to include himself in unnecessary dramas and rumors. He lives his life far from all those and enjoys his peaceful and free life. He maintains a low-profile life away from the media.

Washington is also an honest man and is not scared to give generous opinions. Moreover, he also rarely makes public appearances. Malcolm also does not like attentions false attentions and manages to live far away from them. He also has managed his personal and professional life very well.

Malcolm Washington’s Net Worth

Malcolm Washington is a successful personality who has an estimated net worth of around $2 Million as per various data. A huge load of his revenue generally comes from his career working in the cinematic industry. However, his annual income is yet under evaluation but, it is quite certain to be in six figures.

Likewise, viewing his growing career, it is very certain his net worth in the forthcoming time is sure to take a huge uplift. He lives a very lavishing and luxurious in his expensive place. He also comes from a family of super successful people. His father, a popular actor has a huge net worth of around $280 Million.

Denzel also earns approximately $60 Million every year as his annual income. He also owns several houses throughout the country. Likewise, his mother Pauletta also has a net worth of $11 Million. His three siblings Olivia, Katia, and John David, all are engaged in the same industry and are worth millions as well. Olivia and Katia have a net worth of $2 Million each and John David is worth $8 Million.


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