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Matt Harvey Biography
Matt Harvey, Age, Stats, Mets, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Facts of Matt Harvey

Date of Birth: 1989, March, 27
Birth Name Matthew Edward Harvey
AKA The Dark Knight
Gender Male
Birth Nation United States

Matt Harvey is currently living a single life and also is not involved in any relationships. Previously, he has dated eight different ladies however, all of his relationships turned out not to be that successful. He was recently in a relationship with Brazilian model Adriana Lima in 2017.

Before her, he dated other personalities like Ania Cywinska in 2015, Asha Leo in 2014, Anne Vyalitsyna from 2013 to 2014, and more.

Who is Matt Harvey wife ?

Matt Harvey Relationship timeline ?

  1. Asha Leo

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Matt Harvey is an American baseball pitcher. He has played for baseball teams like New York Mets, Los Angeles Angels, Baltimore Orioles, and more.

Matt Harvey’s Early Life and Education

He was born on 27th March 1989, in New London, Connecticut, USA. He is the son of his teacher parents Ed Harvey and Jackie Harvey.

Matt grew up with his two older sisters Jessica and Jocelyn in Mystic, Connecticut. He has always admired Paul O’Neill and Derek Jeter since his childhood.

Even in his elementary school, he wrote about his dream of becoming a baseball player. He played for his high school baseball and basketball teams.

Likewise, he attended Fitch Senior High School and was selected as a Rawlings First Team All-American. Furthermore, he graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in sports administration.

Matt Harvey’s Professional Life

After his graduation, he was selected in the 2010 MLB draft as the seventh overall pick. His major league debut came on 26th July 2012 against Arizona Diamondbacks and won his first career match.


In 2013, he was selected for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. However, in the following year, he missed the entire season due to Tommy John surgery.

Likewise, he made his return in 2015 and won the pennant. Eventually, his career started to take a low point due to his different surgeries like thoracic outlet syndrome and a stress fracture in the scapula.

He then signed with the Los Angeles Angels in 2019 and again with the Orioles in 2021.

Matt Harvey’s Personal Life

Moving on to his personal life, the famous baseball player Matt Harvey is most probably living a single life.

However, in the past, Harvey has been in about eight different relationships in his long-year career.

Although all of his relationships didn’t have a very successful outcome. They all resulted in breakups and separation.


As of now, he has maintained a very low profile life and does not want to share much regarding his personal life with the media.

Is Matt Harvey Single?

Yes, Matt Harvey, a famous baseball pitcher is currently not in any relationships. He lives a single life.

After his many breakups, he has decided to have some time for himself and get away from dating for the time being.

Likewise, he has come up with the decision of keeping his personal life discreet and rarely shares anything about his ongoing life.

Nonetheless, he seems to have a very wonderful and free life and is also very focused on building his career.

Whom has Matt Harvey Dated?

So far, Matt Harvey has dated eight women in his career. Although every relationship ended in a breakup.


Recently, he was in a relationship with famous Brazilian model Adriana Lima. The couple dated for a brief time in 2017.

Their relationship lasted for several months and broke up the same year. Before her, he was in a relationship with Ania Cywinska.

Similarly, their relationship was also short-lived. They dated somewhere in 2015 and separated the same year after a few months.

Prior to her, he dated British model and TV presenter, Asha Leo. They also had a very short-term relationship.

They dated for some time in 2014 and broke up shortly after. His other relationship was with a Russian-American model Anne Vyalitsyna.

The two started dating in 2013 and after a year, they separated and moved on with their own separate lives.


His other relationships however are not yet out on the media. He kept his other relationships very private and has not disclosed anything about it yet.

Is Matt Harvey Married?

No, the famous baseball player Matt Harvey is in fact still a bachelor. He is also not in a relationship with anyone as of now.

This might be good news to many of his fans out there. He is also not interested in commitments and is living a sole life.

After his multiple breakups, he has decided to live by himself and focus more on himself and his baseball career.

However, when the right time comes, he will surely find a great partner or himself to spend his life with.

Till then he prefers things as they are and does not want to change anything about his current status.


Nonetheless, Harvey has a wonderful life and is very much loved by his fans throughout the country, and lives happily.

Matt Harvey Controversies

So far Matt Harvey has never been a prime target of any sort of controversies and rumors. He does not like any unnecessary dramas at all.

Harvey stays miles and miles away from such matters and chooses to remain out of the media highlights.

Likewise, he also has never made any judgemental or controversial statement anywhere and maintains a very positive and fair relationship with the press and the public.

He has maintained his personal and professional lives very separately and does not let one affect another in any way.

Matt Harvey’s Net Worth

The famous baseball player Matt Harvey has an approximate net worth of around $8 Million as per the celebrity net worth.


A huge load of his wealth mostly comes from his career as an athlete and from his various matches.

However, his annual income is yet under speculation but viewing his success, it is sure to be in millions of dollars every year.

Likewise, his net worth in the forthcoming period is sure to take a drastic rise with his growing and developing fame.

He surely lives a very luxurious and comfortable life in his expensive and cozy real estate. Although he has not disclosed his properties.

Being a famous athlete, it is certain he owns huge properties and lives a very lavishing life in his million dollars real estate.


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