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Michael Bolton Biography
Michael Bolton, Age, Songs, Career, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Facts of Michael Bolton

Date of Birth: 1953, February, 26
Birth Name Michael Bolotin
AKA Micahel
Gender Male
Profession ,
Birth Nation United States
Father George Bolotin
Mother Helen Gubin

Michael Bolton is currently living a single life. He is not dating anyone. Though he was once married to Maureen Bolton from 1975 to 1990. From their marriage, he also has three children. He also dated personalities like Marla Maples, Teri Hatcher, Brooke Shields, Nicollette Sheridan, and more.

Who is Michael Bolton wife ?

Maureen Bolotin

Michael Bolton Relationship timeline ?

  1. Nicollette Sheridan

    Michael and Nicollette were together for three years, They also got engaged in 2006.

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  2. Deborah Yates

    Michael and Deborah were together for about a year. The reason behind their split remains uncertain.

  3. Ashley Judd

    Michael and Ashley were in a relationship for about a year and then broke up.

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  4. Teri Hatcher

    Michael and Teri were in a short-term relationship for about a few months.

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  5. Brooke Shields

    Michael and Brooke were together for a year. The reason behind their split is unavailable.

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  6. Marla Maples

    Michael and Marla were in a relationship for a very short time.

Michael Bolton is an American singer and songwriter. His hit songs include When a Man Loves a Woman, Can I Touch You… There? and more.

Michael Bolton’s Early Life and Education

He was born on 26th February 1953, in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. He is the son of his father George Bolotin and his mother Helen Gubin.

Michael has two siblings a brother Orrin and a sister Sandra. He grew up in a Jewish household and was raised in a liberal interfaith family.

His grandparents kept a kosher diet and his family’s original name was Bolotin. He became a bar mitzvah at 13 and maintains some Jewish beliefs.

Bolton belongs to Ashkenazi Jewish ethnic heritage and his zodiac mark is Pisces. Likewise, he holds American citizenship.

Michael went to a Hebrew school. However, he left the school when the rabbi prohibited him from returning unless he halted joking around.

Michael Bolton’s Professional Life

In 1975, he started recording at The Church Studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He released his first album under his family name Bolotin.

In his early career, he focused on hard rock and heavy metal along with his band Blackjack from the mid-’70s t the mid-’80s.

Then he started getting famous after his transition to a series of pop rock ballads in the late ’80s. He has sold over 75 million records and eight top-10 albums and two No. 1 singles on the Billboard charts.

As an actor, he has made numerous cameo appearances in Meet Wally Sparks in 1997, Two and a Half Men, and The Nanny.

Bolton has won two Grammy Awards and six American Music Awards in his career. He also represented Connecticut in the American Song Contest in 2022.

Michael Bolton’s Personal Life

Coming down to his personal life, the famous singer Michael Bolton is currently living a single life. He is not dating anyone presently.

Though in the past, Bolton was once a married man. He was married to Maureen Bolton from 1975 to 1990.

From their marriage, they also have three children. He also has six grandchildren from his three daughters Isa, Holly, and Taryn.

After his divorce from Maureen, he has been in several other relationships with personalities like Marla Maples, Brooke Shields, Ashley Judd, Teri Hatcher, Nicollette Sheridan, Pamela Anderson, and others.

Is Michael Bolton Single?

Most sources online claim the award-winning singer Michael Bolton is currently single. Bolton also has not said much about his ongoing dating life.

However, in the past, he has dated numerous ladies. After his last long-term relationship with Nicollette Sheridan, he has not dated anyone.

It has been over a decade Bolton has lived a single life. He also keeps his personal life relatively private and does not share much about it.

Nonetheless, he lives a great life and also has a very successful career. When the time comes, he will for sure find the right partner.

Who has Michael Bolton Dated?

After his divorce from his former wife Maureen Bolton, he started dating actress Marla Maples somewhere in 1991.

They dated only for about a few months and broke up. The exact reason behind their separation remains uncertain. Rumor has it they were to have relinked in 2010.

After that, he started going out with model Brooke Shields the same year. Their bond grew stronger and started dating.

However, things did not work out well for them leading them to break up the following year in 1992.

Then in 1992, he started his relationship with actress Teri Hatcher. Likewise, their relationship also just lasted for a short time and broke up the same year.

Following his breakup with Hatcher, he remained single for several years and focused more on his musical career.

In 1996, he met actress Ashley Judd. Eventually, they ended up dating. Their relationship lasted for about two years and split up.

Four years later, he then had a short romantic encounter with Canadian-American actress Pamela Anderson.

Around the same time, he again dated Deborah Yates. This relationship lasted for about a year and broke up.

Then in 2005, he started going out with English actress Nicollette Sheridan. Over a short period of time, their bond developed tremendously.

The following year, they announced their engagement on 14th March 2006. Everything went well for them for a couple of years.

Things took a different turn for them over time. O 26th August 2008, they called off their engagement and moved on separately.

Then in 2010, he had a brief encounter with Helene Fischer. After their breakup the same year, he has not dated anyone since.

Also, Bolton has chosen to keep his personal life very discreet and does not prefer to share much about it currently.

Is Michael Bolton Married?

Currently, Michael Bolton lives a single life. However, he was once a hitched man. He tied the knot with Maureen Bolton.

The duo started dating in 1973. Their connection grew stronger over the knock of time and two years later, finally walked down the aisle.

On 4th May 1975, they shared their holy vows in an intimate ceremony attended by their close family and friends.

From their marriage, they have three daughters Taryn, Isa, and Holly, Their marriage lasted for nearly two decades.

They started having complications in their marriage and were unable to see them at the end of time. They finally got divorced in 1990 after their seventeen years of marriage.

From his three daughters, he has six grandchildren and is a proud and happy grandfather as well. He surely has a great life going on.

Michael Bolton’s Net Worth

The famous singer and songwriter Michael Bolton has an estimated net worth of around $80 million as per celebrity net worth.

A wide range of his income generally comes from his successful and thriving career in the entertainment business.

Although his year-end income is yet in moderation, it is very likely to be in millions of dollars every year.

Bolton also lives a very luxurious and lavish life in his multi-million dollars worth of real estate throughout the country.

In 2008, he put his property on the list for $11 million. The property has more than 9,600 square feet of living space and the backyard features a resort-style pool.

He also put another property on sale featuring 5,400 square feet of living space and 1.2 acres of land.

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