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Phil Collins Biography
Phil Collins, Bio, Disney Songs, Spouse, Tarzan, Net Worth

Facts of Phil Collins

Date of Birth: 1951, January, 30
Birth Name Philip David Charles Collins
AKA Phil, Little Elvis
Gender Male
Birth Nation United Kingdom

Phil Collins is currently in a relationship with his third former-wife Orianne Cevey. They reconciled in 2016 and are still going strong. However, they have chosen to keep their relationship under the spotlight and rarely share anything about it.

In the past, he has married three times. He first got married to his girlfriend Andrea Bertorelli and also adopted her daughter Joely. They have a son Simon from their marriage. However, their marriage lasted from 1973 to 1980.

After that, he married Jill Tavelman from 1980 to 1996. She also gave birth to their daughter Lily Collins in 1989. His third wife Orianne Cevey and he got married in 1999 and together has two sons Nicholas and Matthew.

Likewise, they also got divorced in 2008 settling for £25 Million. However, they started dating again in 2016.

Who is Phil Collins wife ?

Orianne Cevey Married date: 1999 ( Married Status: Divorced)

Phil Collins Relationship timeline ?

  1. Jill Tavelman

  2. Andrea Bertorelli

Phil Collins is an English singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor. He is notable as the lead singer of the rock band Genesis.

Phil Collins’ Early Life and Education

He was born on 30th January 1951, in London, England. He is the son of an insurance agent father Greville Philip Austin Collins and a booking agent mother Winifred June Collins.

Phil grew up with his two elder siblings Carole, a theatrical agent, and Clive, a cartoonist. He belongs to English ethnic heritage and holds British citizenship. His zodiac symbol is Aquarius.

Similarly, he attended Chiswick County School for Boys and also Barbara Speake Stage School later.

Phil Collins’ Professional Life

Phil Collins got his first major role at the age of 13 on the stage musical Oliver!. Then, he started his musical career joining the rock band Genesis in 1970 as a drummer.

In 1975, he became the lead singer and released albums like Face Value in 1981, Hello, I Must Be Going in 1982, No Jacket Required in 1985, …But Seriously in 1989.

Rock band Genesis announce Scottish date as part of their reunion tour -  Daily Record
Phil Collins (left) with his former band Genesis, Source:

Later, he resumed his acting career and appeared on Miami Vice and Buster in 1988. In 1996, he left Genesis and began his solo career.

He wrote songs for Disney‘s Tarzan in 1999, winning an Oscar for the song “You’ll Be in My Heart”. In 2007, he joined Genesis for their Turn It On Again Tour and a second reunion tour in 2022.

Phil Collins’ Personal Life

Moving on to his personal life, the musician Phil Collins is in a relationship with his former third-wife Orianne Cevey.

The two tied their knots in 1999 and separated in 2008. However, in 2016, they reconciled again and their relationship is going smoothly.

The singer has not shared much about his current love life with the media and public. He keeps his personal life discreet from the people.

Nonetheless, he seems to be living a very fine life with his current partner and there are no complications between them presently.

Is Phil Collins Single?

No, the talented singer and songwriter Phil Collins is currently dating Orianne Cevey, his former third wife.

After their divorce in 2008, they reconciled fourteen years later and are now in a relationship. However, he has kept his relationship with her private and does not share much.

After his multiple breakups and divorces, the singer has come up with the decision of keeping his personal life discreet.

However, the media has ways of finding things about celebrities. Many sources also claim Collins to be single and not in relation to his former wife Orianne.

Whom has Phil Collins Dated?

The award-winning singer and songwriter Phil Collins has dated few personalities throughout his decades-long career.

He was first in a relationship with a woman named Oleta Adams. But, there is not much information provided about their relationship on the web.

After that, he tied his knots three times and has four biological children and one adopted daughter from those relationships.

However, all of his marriages turned out to be a failure, and ended up separating. After his divorce from his second wife, he dated another woman named Lavinia Lang.

Although there is nothing given about their relationship on the internet. They dated very discreetly and rarely left any trails about their love life.

Likewise, they also separated after some time of dating. However, the exact date of the beginning and end of their relationship is not known.

Similarly, after his separation from his third wife, he again dated Dana Tyler in 2006. Their relationship lasted for a decade and broke up afterward.

Phil Collins' ex-wife says she felt 'trapped in golden cage' and 'lonely'  in marriage | Evening Standard
Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey, Source:

As of now, he is currently dating his third wife Orianne Cevey. They have kept their relationship very private and have not shared much about it.

Is Phil Collins Married?

Phil Collins has been married thrice in his lifetime. First, he tied his knots with his girlfriend Andrea Bertorelli in 1975.

He also adopted her daughter Joely, from her previous marriage. Later, on September 14, 1976, she gave birth to their first son Simon Collins.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended after seven years in 1980. Then the same year, he walked down the aisle with Jill Tavelman.

From their marriage, they have one daughter Lily Collins, born on March 18, 1989. Similarly, their relationship could not last for a very long time, and separated in 1996.

After spending three years as a single man, he then shared his vows with Orianne Cevey in 1999. Together, they have two sons Nicholas, born in 2001, and Matthew, born in 2004.

His marriage, with her, also ended after seven years in 2008. Their divorce was settled for £25 MIllion making it the most expensive British celebrity divorce.

Eight years later, they reconciled and are living in a relationship now.

Phil Collins’ Controversies

So far, Phil Collins has never been a prime subject of any sort of controversies and rumors. Despite being a huge personality, he has maintained very decent fame.

He does not like unnecessary dramas and also does not include himself in any such topics. He lives miles and miles away from it.

Likewise, the singer also has maintained a very positive relationship with the media and public and is also well-loved by his fans.

He has never given any judgemental and controversial statement anywhere. He keeps his personal and professional lives separate and maintains very well.

Phil Collins’ Net Worth

The renowned singer and songwriter, Phil Collins has an estimated net worth of around $300 Million as per the celebrity net worth.

A huge portion of his income mostly comes from his successful career in the entertainment and cinematic industry.

However, his annual income is yet under moderation but, viewing his career, it is very certain to be in millions of dollars every year.

He is also a proud father of successful personalities. His daughter Lily Collins has an estimated net worth of $25 Million and his sn-in-law is worth around Charlie McDowell is worth $85 Million.

His son Simon Collins, a rock singer and musician also has an estimated net worth of around $8 Million as per various data.

Collins also owns several properties throughout the country. In 2015, he bought a $33 million mansion in Miami.

Later, he listed the house in sale for $40 million and accepted a price of $39 million from billionaire Orlando Bravo.

He also owns several other properties however, he has not disclosed much about them. Nonetheless, he lives a very lavishing life.

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