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Simon Collins Biography
Simon Collins, Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth

Facts of Simon Collins

Date of Birth: 1976, September, 14
Birth Name Simon Philip Nando Collins
AKA Simon
Gender Male
Birth Nation United Kingdom
Father Phil Collins
Mother Andrea Bertorelli

Simon Collins is most probably living a single life and is also not involved in any open relationships. He has also not dated anyone in the past and has always put his career on his primary status. However, he will surely find a compatible partner for himself with his generous personality. Till then, he prefers to enjoy his single life in freedom.

Who is Simon Collins wife ?

Simon Collins is a British-Canadian singer and drummer. He is also a former lead singer of the rock band Sound of Contact.

Simon Collins’ Early Life and Education

He was born on 14th September 1976, in London, England. He is the first biological son of British singer and songwriter Phil Collins and his first wife Andrea Bertorelli.

Simon has a step-sister Joely, and three half-siblings Lily Collins, Nicholas Collins, and Matthew Collins from his father’s other two marriages.

After his parent’s divorce, he move with his mom and sister to Vancouver, Canada at the age of eight and grew up there.

He holds dual citizenship in the U.K. and Canada. His ethnic heritage is Caucasian and his star symbol is Virgo.

Likewise, there is currently no information regarding his academic qualifications yet.


Simon Collins’ Professional Life

Collins was initially a member of the local punk band Jet Set. In 2000, Warner Music signed him and released his debut album All of Who You Are.

In 2003, he left Warner Music and started his own label, Lightyears Music. He released his second album Time for Truth.

Likewise, in 2007, he recorded a cover for the eleventh album Abacab for Genesis as a tribute to the band.

Collins formed a rock band along with Kerzner, Matt Dorsey, and Kelly Nordstrom and named Sound of Contact. In May 2013, they released their debut album Dimensionaut.

Simon Collins’ Personal Life

Moving on to the personal life of Simon Collins, the singer and musician are most probably living a single life.

However, he has not shared anything regarding his dating history with the media and has maintained a very low-profile life.


He also seems very occupied by his work and rarely has any free time to spend on dating and other things.

Nonetheless, he lives a very decent life far away from the public views and works very hard on his music career.

Is Simon Collins Single?

Yes, Simon Collins is currently living a single life. However, he also has not mentioned anything about his relationship status with the public.

So, it is quite very hard to know about his dating life. Collins also seems very busy with his career and does not seem to be interested in dating.

He likes to maintain a very discreet life and does not flash anything about his inside matters with the outside world.

Nonetheless, he has a very busy yet decent life and is happy with his work and his life outside the limelight.


Whom has Simon Collins Dated?

So far, Simon has never been into any kind of relationship with anyone. He has kept his dating life very concealed from the reach of the media.

Despite being a huge personality, he has chosen to keep his personal dating matters hidden from the public.

Collins has never mentioned any women with whom he is engaged in a relationship. He keeps his personal life very discreet.

Likewise, he also has never made any public appearances with anyone who could possibly look like his partner as well.

Collins seems like a very secretive person who does not like to open up about his personal life with the outer world.

He might also be dating someone without letting the media know about it. Nonetheless, it is his life and his decision to open up about his life.


Is Simon Collins Married?

No, the British-Canadian singer Simon Collins is not yet a married man. This news might be good news to many of his fans out there.

He also is not openly dating anyone as of now and maintains a very low-profile life away from the highlights.

However, when the right time comes, he will surely tie his knots with an amazing and compatible partner.

Till then, he likes to focus more on his career and build a better future for himself and his upcoming life.

With his generous personality and attractive looks, it is no hard job to find a partner for himself and he will also be an amazing husband and a supportive dad.

Simon Collins’ Controversies

So far, Simon has never been a prime suspect of any kind of controversies. He prefers to stay miles and miles away from such matters.


He also does not like to indulge himself in unnecessary dramas and chooses to live far from them.

Collins has maintained his personal and professional lives very separately and does not let one life affect another.

He also has maintained a very positive relationship with the media and the audience. He also has never made any controversial and judgemental statement anywhere.

Collins is a very straightforward person and is not afraid to put out his genuine opinions with the media.

Simon Collins’ Net Worth

The famous singer and musician Simon Collins has an estimated net worth of around $8 Million as per various sources.

A huge load of his paycheck mostly comes from his successful career as a lead singer and from the entertainment industry.


However, his annual salary is yet under moderation, but, viewing his success and fame, it is certain to be in hundreds of thousands every year.

Similarly, his net worth in the upcoming time is also very sure to take a drastic rise with his building career.

His father, Phil Collins, a successful singer and songwriter, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth of around $300 Million.

Also, his half-sister Lily Collins, a famous actress has a net worth of around $25 Million.

He lives a very luxurious and lavishing life in his expensive place in Vancouver. Although he has not disclosed much about his properties, it is sure he owns multiple real estate throughout the country.


Simon Collins's Social Media and Links

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