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Peter Nottoli Biography
Peter Nottoli, Age, Wife, Divorce, Career, Net Worth

Facts of Peter Nottoli

Date of Birth: 1979,
Birth Name Peter Notoli
AKA Peter
Gender Male
Birth Nation United States
Father Michael Nottoli
Mother Donna Nottoli

Peter Nottoli is currently living a single life. He also is not involved in any kinds of relationships at the moment. However, previously, he was married to the Teen Wolf star Crystal Reed. The couple got married in 2008.

However, after a few years of spending their lives as a married couple, they started having complications. Reed filed for a divorce and their divorce was finalized in 2011. Since he has been living a single life and also maintaining a very discreet life.

Who is Peter Nottoli wife ?

Crystal Reed Married date: 2008 ( Married Status: Divorced)

Peter Nottoli is an American personality who is famous as the former husband of American actress Crystal Reed.

Peter Nottoli’s Early Life and Education

He was born in 1979, in Michigan, USA. Although his exact birthdate is still unavailable. He was born to his father Michael Nottoli and his mother Donna Nattoli.

Peter has four siblings, three brothers Carl, Robert, and Paul, and a sister Betsy. He belongs to a Caucasian ethnic background and his zodiac symbol is unknown.

Likewise, he attended Constantine High School. Furthermore, he enrolled at Central Michigan University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Peter Nottoli’s Professional Life

Peter Nottoli is recently working as a product manager for Heartland RV, a recreational vehicle manufacturing company.

Prior to this, he worked in numerous organizations like Enterprize Rent-A-Car as an assistant manager and also managed and trained new employees.

After that, he joined Convurge Consulting LLC in 2004 and worked with them for a year as selling business conventions to senior-level executives.

The following year, he worked as a general manager at Eat Well Drink Better, Inc. from 2005 to 2007.

Peter Nottoli’s Personal Life

Speaking about the personal life of Peter Nottoli, he is currently living a single life. There are also not many details given regarding his personal life.

He came to media attention only after his marriage to famous American actress Crystal Reed.

The two were married for a few years but then they fell apart. However, after some time, they began having major complications resulting in divorce.

Currently, both of them are most probably living single. Reed also recently broke up with her boyfriend, a Scottish-Australian radio personality Darren McMullen, and Daniel Sharman before him.

Is Peter Nottoli Single?

Peter Nottoli is currently living a single life. However, coming at his relationship status, the web does not have much information about it.

He came into wider prominence after his marriage to Crystal Reed. He is also not a part of the entertainment industry which makes it hard to know about his life.

Peter also does not make any media appearances and keeps a very low-profile life away from the cameras and lights.

He lives a very peaceful life without any interference from the media and enjoys a free life by himself.

Whom has Peter Nottoli Dated?

So far, there are no details about his current and past dating history on the internet. Also, Nottoli has never mentioned dating anyone.

Apart from his former wife Crystal, Nottoli has never mentioned dating any other ladies to date.

Moreover, he lives a very discreet life. Also, it has been many years he hasn’t made any media appearances.

After his divorce from Reed, he kind of vanished from the cameras and spotlights and lives very far from them as well.

He also has not made any announcements regarding his ongoing dating life. Nonetheless, he seems to be living a very fine life.

Likewise, when the right time arrives, he will certainly find an amazing partner to spend his life together with.

Till then, he prefers things as they are and does not seem to make any changes at all. He has a great life.

Crystal, on the other hand, dated two other guys, Daniel Sharman and Darren McMullen after their separation.

However, her relationship with them also did not turn out to be much successful. They broke up soon and she is also most probably living single.

Is Peter Nottoli Married?

No, Peter Nottoli seems to be single at the moment. However, in the past, he was married to American actress Crystal Reed.

Reed and Nottoli tied their knots in 2008 while she was still at the starting phase of her career and was very new to the industry.

Their wedding was held in a very intimate way attended by very few and important people. However, their wedding details are not currently available.

Their relationship ran smoothly on their first run however after some time, it started fading out and began having complications.

After things went unexpectedly bland, Reed filed for a divorce and finally separated in 2011. The reason behind their divorce is still not known.

After the divorce, Reed went on to date the other two guys. But, her relationship with them also ended up in separation.

Peter on the other hand decided to vanish from the media and live his life without any spotlights hovering around him.

Peter Nottoli’s Controversies

So far, Peter Nottoli has never been a matter of controversy and rumors. He does not like these things and also stays far from them.

Nottoli also rarely appears publically which makes him not very familiar with the controversy and maintains a low profile life.

He primarily gained public attention after his marriage to Crystal Reed which ended up in divorce just after three years.

As of now, he maintains a decent life and does not include himself in any kinds of controversies, and stays away from it.

Peter Nottoli’s Net Worth

Peter Nottoli, who has worked as a manager at several companies has an estimated net worth of around $5 Million as per various sources.

A huge source of his income generally comes from his long year career in his career in several companies and organizations.

However, his annual income is yet under moderation but viewing his success, it is sure to be in hundreds of thousands every year.

An average salary of a manager in the U.S. ranges from $50,000 above and is also one of the most reputable jobs in the U.S.

Likewise, his net worth in the forthcoming future is also sure to take a huge rise with his growing fame and career.

He certainly lives a very lavishing and luxurious life in his expensive and cozy place.

However, he has not disclosed anything about his real estate and properties but it is sure he owns several throughout the country.

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